Japanese Complete: Rapid Fluency Acquisition Platform. Learnだけじゃなく、Japaneseを Master。

Japanese Complete is your ticket to native-level comprehension of the Japanese language. Unlock a world, and invest in your brain with Japanese Complete.


Japaneseを Master。

Don’t just learn Japanese.

Master it.

Join your new friends Hakujo, Yata, and Seuss, as we embark on a language learning adventure!

Hakujo the Fox

Hakujo knows that with vision and determination, anything is possible.

If Japanese Complete were a physical textbook, it would be able to read each lesson to you, quiz you on understanding and comprehension, and check your writing and drawing along the way.

Watch your Japanese comprehension blast off with the latest and greatest synthesis of 40 years of language acquisition research.

Hakujo believes in your exceptional language abilities.

Seuss the pig is ready to help you master the grammatical particles of Japanese. He’s very patient and kind. Seuss is a true friend, loyal to the end, and with us as we go All The Way with Japanese Complete.

Get comfortable recognizing the ideograms that compose a language rich with honor and deep with history.

Cultural Insights, Aesthetics, Scene.

Immerse Yourself.

Art, Song, Poetry, Culture, Cognition.

Japanese Complete is not just a fully-fledged language system, it’s also a way to learn about Japanese culture like never before. Derive a fully synthesized view that incorporates the writing system, artful aesthetic, and spiritual values that have made Japan into what it is.

Learn, Drill, Retain, Repeat.


Japanese Complete is a Rocketship for comprehension, retention, and eventual generation of native-level Japanese. Every lesson is rich with examples and descriptions, making it easy to decipher what means what. Additionally, Japanese Complete has quizzes for every lesson, making sure you are retaining what you have learned. Cumulative, long-term drills ensure that wonderful gems do not slip through the cracks on our way to Mastery.

Get the most effective learning methods and techniques. Tactics not taught in classrooms. Strategies not revealed in the classic textbooks. Real-world Methods, Approaches, and Expertise crossed with Linguistic insights make Japanese Complete the most thorough and digestible Japanese learning paradigm ever manifest.

Set yourself up for Success

Japanese Complete Techniques

Language Blending provides many metalinguistic benefits that help learners get to the grit of a language quickly.

Triple 777 Kanji List

Japanese Complete publishes frequency lists for Japanese, some of which are posted publicly, like the 50 most frequent Japanese Verbs or the Triple 777 Kanji List.

Language Learners

All highly effective language learners have habits that separate them from the rest of the pack. Read more about the Habits of Successful Language Learners.

Get a glimpse: Reverse Engineer Japanese Sentences

Reverse Engineer some Japanese with this companion page.

The path preferred by translators and interpreters.




Japanese Complete.

What Our Learners Are Saying

Comment by ttvalkyrie25

“Keep it up!!! This is excellent!!

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“I came here for copper and found gold.”

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“Thank you, it’s a real treasure.”

Comment by F1ForFun

So much helpful information in a single [chapter]. I’ve got more out of [one chapter] than 2 weeks of Tae Kim’s grammar guide, honestly.

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We publish helpful learning materials as well as tips and tactics to help you maximize your Japanese learning efforts.