Unveiling Aiko: Mastering the Art of Japanese with a Digital Sensei, Powered by AI

Introduction:Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Japanese language with Aiko, your AI companion. Aiko doesn’t just teach; she guides, challenges, and converses, utilizing the one-of-a-kind, award-winning Japanese Complete curriculum to transform your learning experience. Core Content:In a world swarming with learning platforms, what makes Aiko stand out is not just the cutting-edge technology butContinue reading “Unveiling Aiko: Mastering the Art of Japanese with a Digital Sensei, Powered by AI”

How we Invented New Ways to Teach Japanese

For two plus decades, there has been a severe drought in the materials available to beginners for mastering Japanese intuitively, so we created a New Type of Textbook for learning and mastering the Japanese language. Here we describe the unique features of our program and sequence, which insights provided the opportunity to arrive at theseContinue reading “How we Invented New Ways to Teach Japanese”

What is Japanese Complete?

Japanese Complete is a tool for learning Japanese effectively and efficiently, while retaining ability long-term. How did you come to start working on Japanese Complete? The team behind the site and software is composed of avid language learners and we were simply solving a problem we all had, namely that there was no full, effective,Continue reading “What is Japanese Complete?”