Orthographic Gradients

If you’re not at all familiar with Japanese, it can be a tough to pick up because the writing system is just so different. A combination of phonetic scripts and kanji ideograms make the written language of Japanese seem almost impregnable. How to learn the kanji as someone not inundated with them on a dailyContinue reading “Orthographic Gradients”

Altaic Language Theory is BS

Just as the title says, Altaic language theory is manure suitable to drench the fields in composty goodness. Let the flies descend and let the fungi devour this wretch of a premise so that new fertile humus can be a fresh start for this very misleading notion. Roughly stated, the theory claims that Turkish, Japanese,Continue reading “Altaic Language Theory is BS”

Gargling: National Custom of Japan

Come with me, into my home, after a day of bicycle-action to the train station, to the office or to classes, and in reverse on the train again and on the bike again. Come with me, please come in. It’s been a long day and you’ve been all around the city with me. It’s aContinue reading “Gargling: National Custom of Japan”

Training Your Language Reflexes

Train your language reflexes (language anticipation) to become highly effective and reach native-level fluency in your target language. Here’s how.

The Japanese Complete System

Learn. Train. Retain. Japanese Complete is an interactive textbook with precious insights, helpful quizzes, kanji etymology and mnemonic scenes, kanji writing practice, audio reading tutor, and a platform fitted with tools to help you start generating real Japanese. 1) Listen and Read along to the lessons in the book. Each page is modular so youContinue reading “The Japanese Complete System”

How we Invented New Ways to Teach Japanese

For two plus decades, there has been a severe drought in the materials available to beginners for mastering Japanese intuitively, so we created a New Type of Textbook for learning and mastering the Japanese language. Here we describe the unique features of our program and sequence, which insights provided the opportunity to arrive at theseContinue reading “How we Invented New Ways to Teach Japanese”

Social Language Learning for Japanese

We just released Misofluent, a social platform and tool for gaining confidence in composing in Japanese and building skillfully on top of the format for Japanese Student Language (JPSL) in the Japanese Complete (JPC) curriculum. Meet Nina. Nina wants to learn Japanese and has successfully gone through the first four chapters and quizzes of theContinue reading “Social Language Learning for Japanese”

Study, Immersion, Generation

Study, Immersion, and Generation are the keys to quickly attaining proficiency in any target language. While other services provide excellent opportunities for “Immersion,” at Japanese Complete we strive to provide excellent solutions for both “Study” and “Generation.”

Research-Based Methods for Learning Japanese

Conclusions from the Academic Research We looked at research papers from the last 30 years to evaluate our set of teaching strategies undertaken in our Japanese language learning application called Japanese Complete. We found that the scholarly and academic studies referred to confirm: Kanji [logographs of mainland Asian origin] are categorized as the main impedimentContinue reading “Research-Based Methods for Learning Japanese”