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Learn. Train. Retain.

Japanese Complete is an interactive textbook with precious insights, helpful quizzes, kanji etymology and mnemonic scenes, kanji writing practice, audio reading tutor, and a platform fitted with tools to help you start generating real Japanese.

Early etymological origins for the kanji “to come, to arrive” ๆฅใ‚‹ (ใใ‚‹)

1) Listen and Read along to the lessons in the book.

  • Each page is modular so you can learn about new grammar, new kanji, or new verbs.
  • Learn Kanji meaning-words with helpful mnemonics and creative scenescapes to remember their meanings and connotations long-term.
  • Learn the variety of kanji meanings through our innovative Kanji in English Context.
  • Learn Japanese grammatical particles and their many meanings upfront, with minimal surprises down the line.
  • Learn Japanese verbs, kanji, and grammar in frequency of occurence in the wild — our curriculum is based on the Balanced Corpus for Contemporary Written Japanese from 2011, a multi-decade collection of Japanese literature, film subtitles, television media, scholarly articles, poetry, and more, that most accurately represents the statistical frequency of terms in the wild.
Listen along to lessons as you read through the peerless Japanese Complete curriculum.

2) Complete the quizzes, progress through the chapters

  • Each chapter has quizzes and when you pass all of them you move on to the next chapter.
  • Easily review what you missed with the Review Drawers that show you what you missed the most in the quizzes.
Test your understanding with quiz questions, and see their English translations when appropriate.

3) Generate Japanese with Misofluent

  • Use our innovative Sentence Formulae to create real Japanese using English nouns. A teacher will add native Japanese words and audio for you, and will also provide a melodic spectrogram for the pitch contour of the sentence.
  • Practice repeating the sentence and matching the pitch contour.
  • Do the name divination quiz in Misofluent and get your own native Japanese name.
Generate Japanese and have a teacher set you straight with pitch contour information for perfect pronunciation every time.

What makes Japanese Complete special

  • Focus on grammar, and forget about nouns until later: Research shows time and time again that Japanese sentence structure is the number 1 hardest thing to grasp as a learner of Japanese.
  • We focus on teaching the skeletal kinematics and fundamentals of Japanese first. With a solid intuition for the grammar and sentence structure of Japanese, it’s easy to acquire nouns and “plug-and-play.”
By setting up a solid frequency-based foundation for grammar formulae, your progress will swiftly outpace that of other programs and courses, even if at first it seems more gradual. Our course is not about rote memorization, but creative engagement for long-term retention.

A textbook for the modern era.

  • Interactive with drawing practice, audio, and quizzes, Japanese Complete leverages the most of your study time by helping you understand the elements of Japanese in a way you will not forget them.
  • Move at your own pace and check your progress and understanding by keeping a streak with the daily cumulative quiz.
Get access to the full text as well as audio, quizzes, Misofluent social language learning, and more, with the online version of Japanese Complete.
Free 7 day risk-free trial.
Ask questions on our forum, a collection of live chatrooms where chats can be upgraded to questions and answers for easy reference.

Learn the multitude of kanji meanings via our innovation: Kanji in English Context. Recall kanji longer and more easily with etymological origins for each kanji, including early etymological sketches from the ancient era, and modern mnemonic scenes to help you recall their meanings long into the future.

Kanji in English Context pushes the envelope on what is possible with orthographic gradients for language learning.
Get the nuances of each and every kanji presented by seeing them in English context.

Sharpen your intuition of Japanese sentence structure with our innovation: Bunsetsu Jars.
Bunsetsu Jars make it easy to reason about Japanese, and help ingrain a solid understanding of the Japanese sentence pattern.

Grow your appreciation of Japanese politeness-hierarchy-language and culture with our thorough explanations of Japanese social norms.

Learn verb transformations with our emoji-annotated lessons, where we have carefully chosen specific symbols to represent verb modes and transforms to make it quick and easy to intuit meanings.

Lay a solid foundation for Japanese that will stick with you on your journey of travel, working in Japan, studying in Japan, or simply enjoying Japanese media from the comfort of your own abode.

Physical Textbooks on the Way

We’re making a physical textbook as well, but the online has quizzes and a lot of useful features that wouldn’t be possible with a book alone — listen along to the lessons, quizzes at the end of each chapter, an audio reading tutor where you can click on the sentences to have them read to you, drawing practice for kanji and kana, and a social language learning via Misofluent where you can generate Japanese using our sentence formulae.

Today, we added a 7 day trial period so you can try out Japanese Complete Online, risk-free.

Sign up for lesson excerpts by e-mail and to be notified when the physical textbooks become available, here.

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