Start Mastering Japanese

Build your mental model for Japanese with our groundbreaking approach. Using orthographic gradients we gradually wean learners off of an English context and move toward full Japanese immersion, gradually and thoughtfully.

Japanese Complete is your own personal tutor for mastering Japanese. An expertly curated path of lessons and explanations that are simply not available elsewhere. Get an intuition for Japanese and start thinking in Japanese with our innovative approach to frequency-based learning. Don't just learn Japanese, master it.

The Most Advanced and Most Effective Curriculum to Date

Based on Frequency Analysis of Japanese in the Wild, Japanese Complete gets you to a highly effective level in Japanese without the struggle.

  • For learners who want simple rules with deep insights.
  • For students who want to learn quickly and train their mental model of Japanese.

Learn the Most Frequent Kanji

Our 777 Kanji List is a cornerstone of our curriculum, to help you leverage the most important aspects of Japanese as swiftly as possible.

  • Stay Motivated with engaging Kanji lessons that teach you the etymological origins of kanji, as well as how to remember them and how to write them with stroke order.
  • Rapidly Advance thanks to our Frequency-based Approach that will have you recognizing kanji in the wild from day 1!

Value of this Program

To accomplish 3 years of study in a rich Japanese curriculum, the cost can be anywhere from $3000 to $60,000.

That's a lot of money to master a language.

  • Subscribe Monthly With Japanese complete you can subscribe on a monthly basis, have access to an amazing textbook, and have access to online drills that will take your skills to the next level very fast.
  • Increasing in Value Japanese Complete is adding more resources all the time, and the value of the program is increasing with new content.

Get a Monthly Subscription and Go All The Way with Japanese Complete.