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Chapters Available So Far: 36

Frequency Based Teaching Sequence

We chose the order of the kanji and verbs based on a frequency analysis of kanji done in the "Balanced Corpus for Contemporary Written Japanese" (BCCWJ).

Listen along to lessons

Japanese Complete features audio recordings for the material so you always know what the right pronunciation is.

Thorough Explanations

Plenty of examples and thorough explanations set Japanese Complete ahead of the pack. There's never been a richer Japanese learning platform that synthesizes all the useful aspects of many disparate language learning methodologies.

Japanese Complete combines over 40 years of linguistic research in Japanese pedagogy to provide cutting-edge grammatical explanations, as well as providing the most efficient way to absorb the language.

Master the Elements of Grammar

Japanese Particles are what make Japanese unique as a language. When we study Japanese (or Korean for that matter) having a solid understanding of how particles are incorporated and used to reflect and express states of the mind is crucial.

Japanese Complete focuses on a "Particles First" approach that teaches all the grammatical particles first. This unconventional technique actually enables the most accelerated learning in Japanese ever, because by frequency, particles are the most frequent glyphs of the language.

Learn Kanji with Creative Memory

Learn Kanji with Stories and Imagined Scenes to remember them long-term, and learn them through 「Kanji in English Context!」

「Kanji in English Context」 is technique devised specifically for Japanese Complete that looks closer to poetry than language training at first glace.

Kanji Chapter Sample

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Kanji, important from the Start

Japanese Complete teaches Kanji right out the gate. Learn the 800 most common kanji characters first and be a pro when it comes to identifying them in the wild.

Steadily expand your knowledge of Verbs

Japanese Complete will grow your knowledge and understanding of verbs steadily, in harmony with the kanji we learn by creative association. It's great fun, digestible, and easy to remember long-term without the need for complicated rituals or infinite laps on the notecards (although those are always helpful).

Practice to Perfection

Japanese Complete Features Drills as you can see in our features video below. Learn and learn and learn again, get them right and feel bright and mighty!

Japanese Complete Features Video

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