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If you want to learn Japanese and have it stick with you for life, look no further than Japanese Complete.

Designed to give you a deep intuition and help retrain your language reflexes, learn why Japanese Complete is one of the best ways to learn to speak Japanese.

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The Most Advanced and Most Effective Curriculum to Date

Based on Frequency Analysis of Japanese in the Wild, Japanese Complete gets you to a highly effective level in Japanese without the struggle.

Learn to Read, Write, and Speak Japanese in the most efficient manner ever devised. Based on research and practical advice, get tips and tricks not available elsewhere.

  • For learners who want simple rules with deep insights.
  • For students who want to learn quickly and train their mental model of Japanese.
Retrain Your Brain

Is it hard to learn Japanese?

Japanese uses SOV (Subject Object Verb) sentence structure which differs from English SVO (Subject Verb Object) so it takes skillful practice to retrain your brain. Additionally, Japanese has a phonetic alphabet (71+ Hiragana) as well as an ideographic collection of glyphs (2000+ Kanji) that take special effort to master, but you can be highly effective with just the main Hiragana and the most frequent 777 kanji.

  • For speaking in Japanese kanji are not necessary, but for reading subtitles or understanding which terms are being used, it's necessary to know some kanji.
  • For writing in Japanese everything can be done in the phonetic Hiragana, although kanji help add nuance and avoid confusion as they add specific semantic meaning.

Arranged with Beginners in Mind

Our polylingual and bilingual language teachers have done the hard work of creating an approachable and immediately practical path to mastery of Japanese.

  • Create a solid foundation because you learn the most frequent terms and get an intuition for Japanese grammar.
  • Leverage your mother tonuge by using English context to get a no-frills understanding of each Japanese grammar point.
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Get to a Native level of comprehension quickly

Our 777 Kanji List is a cornerstone of our curriculum, to help you leverage the most important aspects of Japanese as swiftly as possible.

  • Keep up the Enthusiasm with Kanji pages that teach you the mainland Asian origins of kanji and how they came to be.
  • Unique Mnemonics and Strategies will have you remembering kanji long-term and never doubting yourself. Our learners report long-term retention even months after initial exposure to kanji.

Value of this Program

To accomplish 3 years of study in a rich Japanese curriculum, the cost can be anywhere from $3k to $60k and more.

Lots of people spend that much and get only a half-hearted understanding of real Japanese.

  • Subscribe Monthly With Japanese complete you can subscribe on a monthly basis, have access to an amazing textbook, and have access to online drills that will take your skills to the next level very fast.
  • Narrated Lessons make the curriculum accessible to all, and you can listen along to make sure you have the proper pronunciation for Hiragana and Japanese.

High-Quality Tutoring Included

Included with membership are two 48-minute tutoring sessions per month. If you have any questions, you have your own personal teacher to help!

  • Keep the Enthusiasm Strong when you engage with our friendly, helpful teachers who want you to flourish in Japanese!
  • Learn from Pros from native-speakers to people who have been through the gauntlet themselves, get insights and encouragement from qualified teachers.

Highly Effective Learning

Have Japanese stick with you for the long-term with our innovative lessons and interactive resources.

  • Compose Visually with our visual sentence creation tools for Japanese.
  • Master Pitch Accent with access to our Social Language Learning Corner, Misofluent, where teachers provide your unique compositions with audio and melodic waveform images.
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Kanji Masking for Rapid Acquisition

Kanji are not easy to master, unless you have the best techniques available. For Japanese Complete we have crafted a special new method known as Kanji Masking™ to help learners become adept at kanji with celerity.

Learn the kanji like never before with Kanji Masking™ and our helpful etymological and mnemonic lessons.

Just as if you were to mask some parts of your English words with Emoji, Japanese Complete has Kanji Masking™ to help learners acquire the kanji by recognition in record time.

Kanji in English Context™

She hurt her ankle and f足元t when she got out of the car. Luckily her wrist and h手元ds were alright even though she fell on the hard concrete.

It is nice to know where your p人ople came fr元m.

The king has a cr冠wn with a recognizable sh形pe.

The cr冠wning star on the holiday tr木e looks best when placed on a p杉ne tr木e.

Master the Kanji with English Context.

Train Your Intuition

Designed from the ground-up with unique quizzes, Japanese Complete helps train your language intuition and reflexes for Japanese.

Our visual approach to showing where Bunsetsu Jars open and close helps you internalize the structure of Japanese quickly and conveniently.

Lay a solid foundation and experience your Japanese comprehension suddenly rocketship with our unbeatable process.

Kanji in Multiple Passes

We teach Kanji meaning-words via etymological origins and mnemonic scenes.

Then we teach kanji clusters, so you learn real words that use the kanji once you have them down individually. It's the most efficient way to absorb kanji and retain their meanings long-term.

Based on Frequency Analysis

Our curriculum is based on the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese, a decades-long analysis of Japanese in the wild, with sources from films, literature, television, newspapers, magazines, poetry, and so forth, to give the most accurate all-purpose count of real Japanese as it occurs in the wild.

Our Particles-First Approach™

Master Japanese sentence structure and grammar with our innovative approach to teaching word and grammar boundaries.

Never have doubts about which grammatical particles to use again!

Have your grammatical understanding of Japanese stick with you for life.

Kanji in English Context

R研se究rch s進ggests that an orthographic gradient makes k漢nj字 [kanji] learning e簡s単er [easier] and more eff効ct果ve. Our original innovation,
Kanji in Engl英sh C文nt脈xt [English Context], helps you move from what you know to what you don't know in a seamless, gradual way, making learning Kanji fun, interesting, and immediately applicable.

Rapid Results

Learners report that with just three months of using our platform their reflex and intuition for Japanese sentence-structure got an upgrade.

Save money and save precious life moments by using the most well-organized curriculum for Japanese ever devised.

Lay a rock-solid foundation for grammar and ideograms so you can jump into immersion learning right away.

Quizzes Help you Focus

See at a glance which grammatical constructions, verbs, and kanji are giving you the most trouble and harness your time effectively for what needs review.

Narrated Lessons

Listen along to each page of the curriculum with narrated audio. Get the proper pronunciation and follow along with ease.

Grow Your Confidence

Japanese Complete breaks Japanese grammar, verbs, and kanji into digestible lesson pages that show how easy and intuitive it can be to master Japanese.

Create a solid foundation for Japanese mastery, get started today.

Praised By Educators

Colleagues at University College London find our insightful approach remarkable and useful.

We've cracked the code for teaching Japanese quickly and effectively, based on returning to the fundamentals of language acquisition, focusing on imparting understanding rapidly to teens and adults alike.


Reasons to Subscribe

  • Get an intuition for Japanese.
  • Master the secrets of the language.
  • Build a solid foundation with thorough explanations for the particles and more.
  • New Lessons released regularly.
  • Listen along with audio lessons and audio stories. Have each page read out loud to you for maximum absorption. 🎶
  • Develop the skill to learn to think and reason in Japanese.
  • Quizzes/drills for every chapter! Imprint that brain concrete! Retain what you learn.
  • Access the platform without obstruction from multiple devices, home computer, tablet, or mobile.
  • Learn Japanese with insights that maximize your understanding in minimal time.

Don't just get up to speed, get ahead. With Japanese Complete, go All The Way to fluency.

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