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Don't just learn Japanese, Master it! Develop your language anticipation and learn to think in Japanese with a working mental model that simplifies language acquisition.

With Particles in English Context and Kanji in English Context, one swiftly learns how specific subtleties of grammar and simple glyph masking peculiarities of Japanese are really just logical extensions of language smashing between a spoken form on the island of Japan and a written calligraphic system from mainland-Asia.

Kanji: Eytmology and Creativity

Yes, Japanese Complete covers kanji in an innovative way. Focusing on the 777 most frequent kanji, Japanese Complete teaches kanji in the most efficient ordering ever devised, as backed by the 2011 Balanced Corpus.

Learn Kanji based on their etymological origins and the earliest known forms, writings, and meanings. Engage your creative mind with imaginative mnemonics to help retain kanji knowledge, meanings, and stroke sequences long-term.

Above, the kanji etymological origins for "old" 「古」 derive from the pictograph representing a beat-up battlescarred helmet.

Five Factors of Fluency

Grammar Situation Learn how simple Japanese grammar can be with a revised approach to teaching Japanese grammar from the most consistent elements usable, up to the most complex.

Language Anticipation Develop an ability to anticipate grammar successfully with a working mental model and a language intuition that comes from thorough explanations and drills to retain what you learn longterm.

Pitch, Flow, Cadence, Rhythm Learn about how to speak fluidly and fluently, with pitch accent training and helpful resources to help one master audible listening practice.

Mouth Shape/Lip Readability Over time and with exposure one will be able to learn how to mimic shapes accurately with their face and sound producing bits. It's important to have a clear working knowledge of the language, its grammatical features, and the expected intonation patterns. Lip Shape and Readability constitute the finishing touches of finesse for language delivery in communication.

Tips, Advice, Strategies

Get leading-edge tips and strategies for mastering Japanese not available elsewhere. With a beautifully reduced way to think about Japanese and its grammar, Japanese Complete offers learning strategies not available yet in mainstream textbooks.

Advice on learning Japanese and on how to retain what is learned comes from years of language learning experience and mastery with our polylingual development team.

Strategies on how to break down sentences are complemented with thorough language explanations to help you lay the most solid foundation possible for the Japanese language.

Tips on making the most of your language learning sessions, your down-time, and your learning schedule.

Leading-Edge Online Interactive Textbook

Learn with the most advanced learning platform that can take you all the way from beginner to well beyond proficient.

Learn. Train. Retain.

Master Japanese through iteration and review. Test your understanding after each section, improving your internal mental model and your language anticipation.

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