To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.

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Japanese Complete is the result of years of tactics and strategies distilled into one course for getting fluent fast.

The main idea is that Japanese is classically taught wrong. Well, not wrong, but it’s not a rocketship.

Classical Teaching:
Measures number of nouns known per month
Measures number of verbs known per month
Measures number of kanji able to be recalled per month
Arranged by Professors who have to guess at what is most useful at the intro level
As a result, Many intro curriculums overlap
Not many curriculums can take one to intermediate without throwing you into Japan and saying ” learn to swim first !”

Japanese Complete:
Mainly measures what you get wrong (so you can try again and learn from it)
Has a curriculum based on interactive repetition of drills
Teaches kanji meanings before teaching Japanese readings
Focuses on teaching Grammar first, nouns are easy to acquire later.
Focuses on teaching the most frequent glyphs based on modern corpus & analysis.
Introduces content gradually with Language Blending
Teaches using an English context (and never Romaji!)
Is based on actual paths to fluency by actual successful humans who used these methods to get there.

Graph showing the difference between JPC curriculum and conventional curriculums

As you can see in the diagram, Japanese Complete seems to progress kinda slowly compared to the Classical Curriculum but actually it’s because we’re teaching you bits and pieces that are all very important and we do so in a granular way. 

Finally, one day your understanding starts to rocket, because you have an extremely stable and flushed out foundation.

Get a subscription today at and start mastering Japanese!

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