Free Hiragana Listening Practice with Voice Variety

Access available at: Want to learn all the Hiragana but don’t care to learn the Romaji (latinized version of Japanese)? We’ve got you covered with our Hiragana Identification Quiz page. Click [play] to hear the letter read aloud by one of the voices available. Then select the corresponding letter. If you got it right,Continue reading “Free Hiragana Listening Practice with Voice Variety”

One Tutoring Session Now Included

Japanese Complete is delighted to announce that we are offering 48-minute tutoring sessions to learners of Japanese! If you’re a subscriber, you get 1 tutoring session monthly, included with membership. If you’re not a subscriber, it’s just $14.48 per 48-minute session. You can find out more at it will redirect you to a pageContinue reading “One Tutoring Session Now Included”