Is it Possible to Learn Japanese as an Adult?

Elizabeth asked, “Do you think it’s possible to learn Japanese when you’re well into your twenties?” Elizabeth K. To give some helpful background on this question, we must understand why it’s not easy to learn Japanese when coming from the romance languages, and it boils down to sentence structure that everyone takes for granted inContinue reading “Is it Possible to Learn Japanese as an Adult?”

Training Your Language Reflexes

Train your language reflexes (language anticipation) to become highly effective and reach native-level fluency in your target language. Here’s how.

The Japanese Complete System

Learn. Train. Retain. Japanese Complete is an interactive textbook with precious insights, helpful quizzes, kanji etymology and mnemonic scenes, kanji writing practice, audio reading tutor, and a platform fitted with tools to help you start generating real Japanese. 1) Listen and Read along to the lessons in the book. Each page is modular so youContinue reading “The Japanese Complete System”