Japanese Complete Year 1 Curriculum

Tool for Mastering Japanese

The Japanese Complete Year 1 Curriculum teaches over 1000 kanji, 370 grammatical constructions, and 400 verbs.

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Year 1 Curriculum

Over 1000 Kanji

Learn Kanji with beautiful mnemonics and test your recall right on the page.

Over 370 Grammatical Constructions

Master Japanese from its fundamental grammatical constructions and learn to think in Japanese.

More than 400 verbs

Learn the amazing similarities between verbs and adjectives in Japanese and master hundreds of fundamental verbs to help accelerate your learning and comprehension from the ground like a rocket!

Read more on how Japanese Complete is a Rocketship for Japanese Comprehension.

Cultural Notes

Japanese Complete features periodic explanations and immersions into culturally relevant topics for getting the most out of your learning and enthusiasm.

Learn through Audio and Song

Japanese Complete features audio for many lessons and even has songs for learning topics such as the Kana syllabary.

Data-based Curriculum

Years of data science have culminated in breakthroughs in curriculum arrangements. Over fourty years of research in Japanese education have also lead to great advancements in teaching certain topics, with concepts like Zero-ใŒ and Elaborative vs. Query particles, the curriculum provides insights and access not widely disseminated. The layout of the curriculum means that you’ll be seeing and hearing Japanese in the wild right away, as we teach the most frequently used constructions first.

Learn and Retain through Drills

Japanese Complete features fun and simple drills that quiz what you know until you have it down pat. Quizzes are cumulative across lessons and are a proven and effective way to level up your understanding and intuition rapidly. Train your brain to think in Japanese with our method.

Japanese ใ‚’ Master!

Japanese Complete is the ultimate tool for mastering Japanese. Start your path to mastery today.

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