Introducing the Misofluent Postcard: A Weekly Dive into the World of Japanese Culture and Learning

At Misofluent, we believe in immersing our readers into the depth and beauty of Japanese culture. With this vision, we proudly present our fortnightly delight – The Misofluent Postcard. Delivered straight to your inbox, each postcard is a curated experience, braided together with elements of traditional and modern Japan. What can you expect from eachContinue reading “Introducing the Misofluent Postcard: A Weekly Dive into the World of Japanese Culture and Learning”

Unlocking Japanese Mastery with Japanese Complete πŸš€

Greetings, Future Polyglots! Today, I’m thrilled to shed light on an incredible tool that’s transforming the way people worldwide learn Japanese. Welcome to Japanese Complete – the culmination of years of linguistic research, tech prowess, and passion for the Japanese language. Ever felt bogged down by traditional learning methods? Ever wished for a more efficient,Continue reading “Unlocking Japanese Mastery with Japanese Complete πŸš€”

Orthographic Gradients

If you’re not at all familiar with Japanese, it can be a tough to pick up because the writing system is just so different. A combination of phonetic scripts and kanji ideograms make the written language of Japanese seem almost impregnable. How to learn the kanji as someone not inundated with them on a dailyContinue reading “Orthographic Gradients”

Japanese Complete 1.0

Japanese Complete 1.0 is released today. Get a subscription and start mastering Japanese. Don’t just learn Japanese, master it!

What is Japanese Complete?

Japanese Complete is a tool for learning Japanese effectively and efficiently, while retaining ability long-term. How did you come to start working on Japanese Complete? The team behind the site and software is composed of avid language learners and we were simply solving a problem we all had, namely that there was no full, effective,Continue reading “What is Japanese Complete?”

Japanese Complete First Lessons Live

Japanese Complete is now live with the initial batch of lessons, subscribe today and get access to the ninja training grounds for Japanese understanding.

Articles in English versus Particles in Japanese

Check out this image, it shows how articles in English come before the primary terms and how particles in Japanese come after the primary terms. You can see that Particles in Japanese are like Post-term Articles (P+Articles) Cover up the articles and you’re speaking Japanese, Cover up the particles and you’re speaking English. Next: ReadContinue reading “Articles in English versus Particles in Japanese”

What's Next? Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition about the Japanese Particles The following question was asked by BK2 I learnt all the vocab for Genki 1 & 2, what’s next? Sure, kanji and vocab are important, but you need to have a really solid understanding of the particles (grammar particles / γ˜γ‚‡γ— = 助詞 ) How come? In order to thinkContinue reading “What's Next? Developing Intuition”

A Graphical Comparison of Japanese Textbooks

This post shows some helpful information graphics (infographics) to help us understand the coverage of each introductory Japanese learning program. Next: Read “To Learn Japanese, You need a Rocketship.”