Japanese Complete First Lessons Live

https://japanesecomplete.com/ Get a supporter subscription while available thru November 30th, 2019.

Japanese Complete 1.0 is launching soon.

Japanese Complete, the initial lessons, are live now and supporter subscribers are getting rolling access to the platform.

Initial 19 chapters of Japanese Complete are available to Supporter Subscribers

What is Japanese Complete?

Japanese Complete is a new way to learn language via interactive textbook.

Train your understanding of Japanese from the most frequent glyphs and grammar constructions first, and reach native-level comprehension through detailed explanations and digestible, fun drills.

Frequency-based curriculum with bridge-language approach.

Drills to train and hone your understanding.

Improve your Japanese, build a reliable mental model, acquire an intuition for the language, and unlock a world of possibility.

Some of the many glorious grammar “particles” of the Japanese language.

Most textbooks start with specific aims in terms of conversation or composition. However, our goal is to impart a true intuitive and visceral understanding of Japanese.

Indeed, Japanese Complete is to train people to think in Japanese, not simply to parrot and perform with it.

Learn the Hiragana with a pangram poem from 715 C.E.
The Iroha poem by Kuukai
English rendering of the Iroha made for Japanese Complete.

English is a beautiful language with great variety, and Japanese is quite flexible in its composition as well, but they are both huge dragons oriented in opposite directions.

The verb of a Japanese sentence always comes at the end, and this requires one to think differently about the language.

Structure of a Japanese sentence.

In Japanese Complete we refer to each vessel as a bunsetsu jar to help illustrate exactly how flexible Japanese is in its arrangement of noun phrases before the sentence-final verb.

Vowels in Japanese and their “active spots” in the vocalizing mouth.

In Japanese Complete we also introduce Japanese pitch accent and mimetic language early on. Why save all the good stuff for last? It’s much nicer to learn all the juicy parts that make Japanese special first, it’s even better because you’ll sound like a native and be more inspired to keep learning!

Bring the strengths of the classroom to your screen.

Japanese Complete Philosophies:

Making Every Hiragana Special through Hyperdifferentiation of Particles.

Eventual Perfection through Iteration. Happy training is the goal.

We give you access to the ninja training grounds. Get psyched and become a ninja.

Study the particles with helpful lessons based in bridge-language, to help you get the most out of the meta-linguistic insights the program has to offer.

Japanese Complete is a curriculum in development, it’s a textbook that offers a lot more than reference. It offers training to help you truly grok the heart of Japanese.

So much research has been done in the last 4+ decades, but almost none of it has been applied to textbooks and learning resources, so we have finally synthesized a solution out of a problem that has been long extant in the world of learning Japanese in the West.

Hiroshima Castle awaits you.

We hope you will rejoice in our offering of a bridge to a whole new realm.

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