What is Japanese Complete?

Japanese Complete is a tool for learning Japanese effectively and efficiently, while retaining ability long-term.

How did you come to start working on Japanese Complete?

The team behind the site and software is composed of avid language learners and we were simply solving a problem we all had, namely that there was no full, effective, efficient, and data-supported path to native-level fluency in Japanese for new learners.

How long has this project been in development?

The project in its current form has been in furious development mode since September 2019. We are preparing for 1.0

Learn the Kana via the iroha poem composed by Master Kuukai thirteen hundred years ago.

What makes Japanese Complete unique?

Oh there’s just a handful of unremarkable things you could notice. You could

  1. Admire the original curriculum based on frequency analysis.
  2. Appreciate Language Blending and how it will accelerate acquisition.
  3. Become a master of Creative Memory for Kanji (ideograms).
  4. Enjoy the drills that help sharpen your linguistic acumen.
  5. Enjoy being able to listen along to lessons.
  6. Enjoy thorough and complete explanations that won’t leave you guessing in the future.
  7. Participate in an educational journey, proceed at your own pace, as quickly or as gradually as makes sense for you.
  8. Have an unshakeable foundation in Japanese grammar and fundamentals.
  9. Have a working mental model for Japanese that gets more detailed and defined over time.
  10. Start using your new understanding right away, learn via English Context.
  11. Hyper-differentiation of the most common grammar constructions because they are preferentially taught first.
Sampling of the most frequent 777 kanji which provide 90% coverage of glyphs in the wild.
Triple 7 Kanji list.

What’s Next?

Soon we will be announcing Japanese Complete 1.0
Please keep an eye out and help spread the word!

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Let’s become masters of Japanese!

You can get a subscription and start learning Japanese at Japanese Complete. You can learn more about the curriculum at LearnJapanese.Best

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