Japanese Complete 1.0

Today we are very happy to announce the release of Japanese Complete 1.0

Thanks to all our beta testers, and welcome to all our new users!

Japanese Complete is the ultimate training and study tool for Japanese.

Want to be a translator one day?

Want to learn Japanese to conduct business in Japan?

Want to study at a Japanese university in a native Japanese context?

Then get Japanese Complete and begin your path to mastery!

Japanese Complete ใง Japanese ใ‚’ Master!

Japanese Complete is an innovative approach to delivering Japanese understanding through rigorous modern explanations that rely on 40 years of research insights into Japanese pedagogy.

Don’t just learn Japanese, master it.

Japanese Complete teaches kanji by frequency of real-world use, using ancient formations to explain the etymology of ideograms, as well as clever mnemonics and visuals to help us remember the meanings of the kanji characters long-term. Part of the Japanese Complete curriculum is “kanji in english context” which resembles a bilingual poetry that has proven effective in helping beginners master the kanji, both recall and writing.

Japanese Complete teaches the grammar of Japanese via an approach we call Particles First — a method devised specifically for the Japanese Complete curriculum that accelerates Japanese learning by teaching the fundamental skeleton of Japanese sentences upfront, without any mystery.

Japanese Complete has drills at the end of each lesson that cover kanji, grammar, and verbs. Drills are cumulative, meaning that you’ll see material from the early lessons later on, to help strengthen your long-term understanding.

Japanese Complete is thorough and won’t leave you guessing! Many modern textbooks offer incomplete or piecemeal approaches to grammar, causing anxiety and complexity later on when grammar in the wild doesn’t fit the limited set of rules we have seen so far. In Japanese Complete, we introduce every piece of grammar with its many senses shown, and we focus on just one for each lesson. A smart, sane, digestible, and thorough way to learn Japanese well, and get a strong and clear overview of the language at the same time.

Language learning just got a lot more fun and a lot more efficient with Japanese Complete. Retain what you learn long-term.

Drills test your understanding and challenge you with fresh questions, generated with our language-generating and question-generating algorithms.

Japanese Complete teaches the most frequent 777 kanji first. Earlier this year, we found that one can have ninety percent identification of glyphs in the wild with knowledge of just 777 ideograms. It was such nice news to discover! one doesn’t need to learn all 2100+ characters of the Joyo set right away to have a decent grasp of Japanese.

Hakujo the fox is a character in Japanese Complete.

The curriculum has been specially crafted for this presentation, to offer a smooth, stable, and effective training path to long-term fluency and proficiency.

Japanese Complete teaches according to a frequency layout as provided by the Balanced Corpus, a research effort from 2011 that combined various samples of real Japanese, including academic papers, online message boards, newspapers, films, television, poetry, and more. This is the first attempt at a corpus that shows the real-world use of Japanese. If you’re interested in becoming fluent in Japanese and using your skills in a Japanese company, or interested to work with Japanese businesses, or interested to study full-time in Japan, Japanese Complete is your ticket to success.

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How does it work?

Drills test your understanding, input boxes check your writing, and thorough explanations give you the solid foundation of a pro.

Get a monthly subscription, log in, and start learning. Simple as that.

The curriculum is designed to be beginner friendly. If you already have some Japanese exposure or prior study, you can fill all the gaps in your knowledge with the thoroughness and clarity of Japanese Complete.


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