Introducing the Misofluent Postcard: A Weekly Dive into the World of Japanese Culture and Learning

At Misofluent, we believe in immersing our readers into the depth and beauty of Japanese culture. With this vision, we proudly present our fortnightly delight – The Misofluent Postcard. Delivered straight to your inbox, each postcard is a curated experience, braided together with elements of traditional and modern Japan. What can you expect from eachContinue reading “Introducing the Misofluent Postcard: A Weekly Dive into the World of Japanese Culture and Learning”

Altaic Language Theory is BS

Just as the title says, Altaic language theory is manure suitable to drench the fields in composty goodness. Let the flies descend and let the fungi devour this wretch of a premise so that new fertile humus can be a fresh start for this very misleading notion. Roughly stated, the theory claims that Turkish, Japanese,Continue reading “Altaic Language Theory is BS”

What's Next? Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition about the Japanese Particles The following question was asked by BK2 I learnt all the vocab for Genki 1 & 2, what’s next? Sure, kanji and vocab are important, but you need to have a really solid understanding of the particles (grammar particles / じょし = 助詞 ) How come? In order to thinkContinue reading “What's Next? Developing Intuition”

Comparison of Introductory Japanese Textbooks

What do you learn when you go all the way through Genki I, Tobira, Mina no Nihongo, and other books? By the numbers, how many Kanji, how many Verbs, how many grammar constructions will you know? This article takes a long solid look at the state of Japanese textbooks today. (Numbers are estimates based onContinue reading “Comparison of Introductory Japanese Textbooks”

To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.

> very interested in learning more about and how you’ve validated your product Z,Japanese Complete is the result of years of tactics and strategies distilled into one course for getting fluent fast. The main idea is that Japanese is classically taught wrong. Well, not wrong, but it’s not a rocketship. Classical Teaching:Measures number ofContinue reading “To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.”