Audio Reading Tutor, New Story Arrives

We’ve added a new story to the Japanese Complete lessons library to help learners quickly assimilate spoken and written Japanese in tandem. You can listen along to the whole dialogue in one go, or click on each sentence to listen to how it sounds.

In addition, we have a method we devised specifically for unparalleled celerity in learning assimilation, Japanese-Complete-English or Student Language:

And finally we offer a thorough English translation of the story to help learners begin to see the correlated sequence for fluent Japanese and English translation and interpretation.

It’s quite a delight to listen to the dialogue over and over again with the aide of the Japanese-Complete-English (Student Language) and the English translation nearby, it improves recognition and assimilation rate substantially. In theory, the nonconscious mind is accepting Japanese more readily as it is blending with familiar language structures.

You can get access to the new stories and more by getting a monthly subscription to Japanese Complete. Invest in yourself and your brain by mastering a new language with Japanese Complete.

Herons by Hokusai

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