Introducing "How to Say"

Tokyo nightscape with lights, blue.

At Japanese Complete we are striving to invent the future, and sometimes that requires using tried-and-true solid foundations of the past.

We are introducing How to Say, our new “search engine” for how to say anything in Japanese.

When you search for a new term, we add the term to a wishlist. Someone on our team will handcraft a result page for this query.

It’s kinda like made-to-order search results. Granted, there is a delay between when you ask for it and when it shows up, on the order of 1000-2000min instead of 1000ns like google, so we have a long way to go before it’s fully automatic and fast.

Scholars subscribed to Japanese Complete have priority access for questions, so their requested results get created first.

Red Fox Resting, enjoying search results being hand-crafted for him.
Resting Red Sleeping Stump Relaxing Fox Tree

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