Introducing Streaks and the Cumulative Quiz

At Japanese Complete we are hard at work inventing the present and the future for Japanese mastery, and now we have a daily cumulative quiz for our learners to take.

Japanese Complete is a curriculum designed on top of a frequency analysis of Japanese in the wild (the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese from 2011) and is assembled by experienced bilingual and trilingual teachers.

And now, learners take a cumulative quiz each day that is drawn from all the material they’ve seen so far in Japanese Complete!

Cumulative quizzes can be taken multiple times, but only count towards your streak once a day.

Now you can have a reason to do a quick review every day. This goes along with our general advice of “a little every day is better than a lot all at once.” True for both meditation and language learning.

What do the quizzes cover?

Every chapter of Japanese Complete teaches new Kanji, Verbs, and Particles. The quizzes cover all three groups and are based on our method of generous English Context (“Japanese in English Context”) to help learners associate complex meaning structures with basic Japanese grammar, without needing to know lots of Japanese nouns.

In general, we find that our radical new approach to teaching Japanese based on frequency and grammar is incredibly good at bringing new learners up to speed and giving them “Japanese-eyes” for the language โ€” hyper-recognition of particles, verbs, and a strong sense of familiarity and meaning with visited kanji.

You can read more about that at our seminal post “Habits of Successful Language Learners”

At least Corona times provided amazing photo opportunities in otherwise crowded places…

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