Landscape of Japanese, 「Temple Visit」 Dialogue, Year Pre-Pay Plans

Landscape of Japanese: 3 Mountains, 2 Clouds, 1 Sun.

Discussion on the Landscape of Japanese and a link to our Essentials Guide: The Mental Model, is available below. We also introduced a year pre-pay plan where when you pre-pay for a year of access to the ultimate learning platform, interactive textbook, and ninja training grounds, you get two months free.

New Lessons and Dialogue Available

Today we’re excited to announce the release of new lessons and dialogue, “Temple Visit,” available with Audio Reading Tutor support so you can click and listen to the sentences as you follow along.

Listen along to the latest Audio Reading Tutor in “Temple Visit,” and get the most out of your Japanese practice time.

By getting your ears wet with real Japanese dialogue right off the bat, you’re preparing yourself for listening comprehension as well as generating spoken Japanese.

All of our dialogues are suitable for memorizing, giving you a wide array of immediately useful Japanese verbs, nouns, and phrases to help you tackle the needs of everyday life.

You can also jump between the Japanese, Japanese-Complete-English, and English translations of the material with ease!

Three Kinds of Translation

In Japanese Complete we have three kinds of translation to expedite the acquisition of Japanese:

  1. Native Japanese
  2. Japanese Complete English (Student Language, our custom hybrid)
  3. Native English

By using three translations side-by-side you can learn quickly what phrases mean and how to reason using your new Japanese brain.

We use inline explanations for some complex grammars that are taught later on.

Landscape of Japanese

We introduce a landscape of the Japanese language, master the three mountains, two clouds, and one sun and you’ve got a grip on all the fundamental topographical features of the language! Amazing!

  • Politeness language (social-language) Hierarchy shines like a sun that hits every aspect of Japanese culture and language in some way. Every sentence incorporates some version of politeness language.
  • Regional Dialects and Sound Effect Language sprinkle the landscape like summer rains. They can carry a lot of information and certain dialogues can be achieved completely using sound effect language alone.
  • Finally, we have the three powerful mountains of grammar: Particles and the Copula (da), Verbs and Nouns, and Bunsetsu Jars (which take Particles as lids) and Verbing-Nouns, a way to explain what a noun is doing by sticking a verb in front.

By mastery of the three main kinds of feature in Japanese we can quickly move along and achieve fluency in reading, listening, and eventually writing and speaking Japanese.

You can learn all about Bunsetsu Jars, the most frequent nouns, and the most frequent verbs in our free guide [pdf]

Our no-cost guide is called Essential Japanese: The Mental Model and is available by the above link.

You can get our free Mental Model for Japanese by the link above. It’s a free pdf covering the most frequent nouns, verbs, and bunsetsu jars as we teach them in Japanese Complete! A lot of great info in a free, 40-some page guide. We chant death-to-adjectives and for good reason.

Join us and start learning Japanese, sharpening your logic and reasoning skills, as well as improving your versatility with your mother tongue. Pre-pay for one year of access to Japanese Complete, interactive textbook and ninja training grounds, and get two months free. Support an amazing project and help the world learn Japanese. We’re bringing the cutting-edge tool to life!

Hakujo, a companion on our learning adventure and one of the main characters in the dialogues of Japanese Complete!
Go to and start mastering Japanese today!

What is Japanese Complete?

  1. Frequency-based approach to Japanese language learning, based on 2011 Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese and polylingual materials.
  2. Interactive Textbook with drills to test and concretize your understanding after each set of lessons.
  3. Helpful widgets to help you master the basics of Japanese, as well as Audio Reading Tutor so you can listen along to stories and dialogues in Native Japanese.
  4. Features an innovative approach, thorough grammar explanations not available in contemporary textbooks, and language learning insights from 40+ years of scholarship and research that haven’t made it to the mainstream materials yet.
  5. Most logical path to fluency, featuring Particles and Kanji in English Context (specifically invented for this book and program), as well as kanji mnemonics with helpful scenes and stories.

Pre-pay for a year-long subscription today and get two months free.

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