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We’re creating a fully-fledged tool for mastering Japanese.

Full Dialogues with Audio

Master Japanese by listening along to the expertly crafted dialogues with our Audio Reading Tutor. Click to listen along and have the relevant text sections highlighted. Check out the Japanese-Complete-English ™ and the English Translation, which you can quickly toggle between to crank up the volume on exposure and absorption.

Hiragana and Katakana Identification & Listening

Learn the Hiragana and Katakana by listening and identifying the correct glyphs. Use our beautiful Iroha syllabary and song to memorize the fundamental symbols of Japanese quickly and with fun like never before.

Native-Level Storytime

Get your ears wet.

(animation) of the Audio Reading Tutor [which plays the audio alongside in the actual application]

Listen along to stories of varying difficulties and get a feel for native-level Japanese speed and delivery. Hone your listening and comprehension abilities from the very beginning with our cornucopia of resources.

Drills: Hone and Polish

(animation) Drills help you hone in on the grammar you just learned from the lessons and dialogues.

Learn Japanese from thorough explanations crafted by experienced language teachers and polylingual scholars. Get immediate feedback on our drills and quizzes which help you understand how each particle and part of speech functions in isolation, so when you see it later you know.

Frequency Based Curriculum

The Japanese Complete curriculum is based on frequency. We teach the kanji according to their frequency distribution in the most comprehensive modern-day corpus available for Japanese (2011 BCCWJ).

Our curriculum teaches grammar, kanji, and verbs according to their frequency in real modern-day Japanese (including online Japanese like message boards, films, media, poetry, scholarly articles, and more). It’s an interactive textbook with resources, mnemonics, tips, tricks, and tactics to keep you engaged and inspired on your learning adventure to mastery.

Kanji Mnemonics and Calligraphy Stroke Order

Kanji are taught using etymological origins and clever mnemonics. The stroke order is taught and there’s even a way for one to check their kanji drawing in the character-recognition box. It’s not at all picky about stroke order, but it does help with memory and understanding. Being picky and disciplined with stroke order is up to you as the learner. It’s important to have proper stroke order if you wish to do beautiful calligraphy one day. Usually there’s good reason for the order, and if you imagine ink dripping down the wall like thick goopy paint it makes sense that some sequences would be better than others for drawing in blocks.

Kanji in English Context ™

Learn Kanji with a method specially devised for Japanese Complete in 2019, Kanji in English Context! See how kanji can mask some words partially and learn how they can be used to approximate a wide array of meanings. Kanji in English Context is your ticket to speedy and native-level comprehension of Japanese as fast, effectively, and efficiently as humanly possible.

“How to Say”

Check out “How to Say” and give our team of language experts a new question to ask!

“How to Say”

Early etymological character origins for “to arrive” 来 comes from an indicator / stand-in for collision point / center of a circle of arrows.

Bunsetsu Jars

Grammar explanations in Japanese Complete follow our simplified rubric that keeps the richness of Japanese near while avoiding many of the common stumbles and learning pitfalls when starting out. Initially, many courses overcomplicate things and include too much too ambitiously in the beginning. We stress frequency-based introduction to glyphs and words, as well as thorough practice so that identification becomes reflexive and second nature, step-by-step.

You can start learning Japanese for free with our free guide to Japanese Essentials, The Mental Model

Why study a foreign language?

  • Makes you smarter and keeps your brain healthy.
  • Builds bridges to new worlds, realms, and cultures unknown.
  • Enables a whole new perspective and way of organizing your thoughts.
  • Increases self-confidence in self-investment activities.

We’ve spent the last two years devising and implementing a curriculum for new learners to quickly traverse the path to fluency. We’re releasing new material every week. Please support us and please tell your friends about Japanese Complete.

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