Japanese Complete Minimum Remarkable Product Released

Reference-Quality Online Text and Interactive Drills.

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Japanese Complete Video showing Drill Functionality

Japanese Complete is a new language learning platform based on Language Blending and effective repetition.

The 3-5 year curriculum takes one All The Way.

Test your understanding and review what you’ve missed, use your time most efficiently!
Study the Kana with what made it popular back in 700 C.E.

The Iroha is a Japanese pangram for the Kana. Created by Kuukai in around 715 C.E. the Iroha poem is often attributed as being the reason the Kana is so prevalent in Japan (and has been for the last 1300 years).

Now, with Japanese Complete, you can learn the classic poem by heart and learn the syllabary at the same time. We recommend you use the Iroha Poem as your alarm clock for a few weeks.

Clear the clouds of confusion with our reference-quality online text and interactive drills.

Rabbit’s Triumph

Get a supporter subscription and save 83% on the standard rate.

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