Articles in English versus Particles in Japanese

Check out this image, it shows how articles in English come before the primary terms and how particles in Japanese come after the primary terms. You can see that Particles in Japanese are like Post-term Articles (P+Articles) Cover up the articles and you’re speaking Japanese, Cover up the particles and you’re speaking English. Next: ReadContinue reading “Articles in English versus Particles in Japanese”

What's Next? Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition about the Japanese Particles The following question was asked by BK2 I learnt all the vocab for Genki 1 & 2, what’s next? Sure, kanji and vocab are important, but you need to have a really solid understanding of the particles (grammar particles / じょし = 助詞 ) How come? In order to thinkContinue reading “What's Next? Developing Intuition”

Habits of Successful Language Learners

Habit and Patterns versus Discipline. Stoics Had An Idea: Discipline Marcus Aurelius and the movement of Stoicism emphasized Discipline. However, discipline is like stamina. It runs out when applied constantly. Patterns live longer than Forces The solution is Habit. Patterns Live Longer than Forces. A man who had gone through the front windshield of aContinue reading “Habits of Successful Language Learners”

A Graphical Comparison of Japanese Textbooks

This post shows some helpful information graphics (infographics) to help us understand the coverage of each introductory Japanese learning program. Next: Read “To Learn Japanese, You need a Rocketship.”

Comparison of Introductory Japanese Textbooks

What do you learn when you go all the way through Genki I, Tobira, Mina no Nihongo, and other books? By the numbers, how many Kanji, how many Verbs, how many grammar constructions will you know? This article takes a long solid look at the state of Japanese textbooks today. (Numbers are estimates based onContinue reading “Comparison of Introductory Japanese Textbooks”

To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.

> very interested in learning more about and how you’ve validated your product Z,Japanese Complete is the result of years of tactics and strategies distilled into one course for getting fluent fast. The main idea is that Japanese is classically taught wrong. Well, not wrong, but it’s not a rocketship. Classical Teaching:Measures number ofContinue reading “To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.”

Basic Sentence Structure of Every Japanese Sentence

Sequence is Versatile like Legos Japanese sentence structure is quite different from English; although it’s demonstrated as TSOV instead of SVO (topic, subject, object, verb, instead of subject-verb-object like English), Japanese has a much more elegant syntax that doesn’t actually depend on sequence. Japanese glues small markers to each word or phrase in a sentenceContinue reading “Basic Sentence Structure of Every Japanese Sentence”